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The game reminds me of the begining towns of Pokemon games. Nice work

This looks like a really cute and fun game! Unfortunately I am having trouble opening the journal :O the button does not seem to be clickable!

Glad you like the aesthetic! One other person had a similar issue as you with the journal button, but it's hard to recreate so I'm still looking into it. Does it happen every time you try to play the game or just sometimes?

It happens every time, unfortunately! I'm on Firefox.

Very nice to play this game. Its music and ambient are so relaxing that I could play all day. Good job! 

At the moment after catching a crab the Confirm button only accepts mouse commands. 

Very nice light summer game. The ambient sounds and the music make for a good summer atmosphere and while the graphics are a bit plain, they look nice too. It's great to have alternative ways to control, although after catching a crab, the game switched to the mouse controls only for a while.

If you're interested, you're welcome to enter our Game Development World Championship, which also has a class for jam entries!


Thank you! The keyboard not responding after certain crab catches bug should be fixed now :)



Super cute and charming introduction, and super cute and charming throughout! A thoroughly enjoyable game with beautiful music.