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Authorsomelette, Tortupolar
Tags2D, Cute


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What an adorable game!!! It's tricky with a track pad, but I had fun enough to make about 5 attempts and get 2 stars. :)

I found that as a bee, I had to risk some harm to get pollen...! Gotta put myself out there for the sweet rewards!

The art is adorable and the mechanics are solid. And considering this was made in 2 weeks (or even less?), I consider this valiantly polished.

Thank you, Wudgeous <3

Risk is definitely a big part of game play! The secret for three stars is to  head straight to the edge of the frost to get the furthest flowers first and save the close ones last, but there is also a luck component in that it's much harder if the flowers happen to spawn in a tough layout.

We'll be updating with a small patch to make it bit more accessible with mice/trackpads :)