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the game is so cool.... sadly, i made a wrong decision to explore Zethe route firstly, i fell bad to declined his offer to work together... know...his face and body T_T 

can i request to make some more different scene, since the four scene already awesome, but not enough for fangirl material T_T


This was really cute. I liked both Zethe and Quinn so I got all of the endings (although it made me feel bad to choose and leave the other one all alone T_T).


Phew.I got all four endings.(So spoilers below!!)

 Comparing the two good endings. I think Quinn's route is more like warm,while Zethe's route is sooooo hot(and sweet lol) and by warm and hot, I mean the degree of their love(one meaning of the two words) and also the way they treat each other(the other meaning lol).That's also the difference between many BxG amd BxB games(so personally I like BxB games better XD)

And about the two bad endings, Quinn's route is just sad but Zethe's route feels more like desperate.Zethe's dying for Yuki and Quinn's taking cate of Yuki's mother and then rewinding the second time both impressed me. I think this can also show their different love. ( Or is that simply Quinn doesn't know how to take the spell's recoil? )

All I said above is to express one thing- this game is sooooooo nice and relaxing!! I love this XD and I appreciate the artwork very much as well. So hard to find games like this.


Just finished Zethe route and it was SO WHOLESOME!! I love the art scenes,story draw me in,it couldn't be better!<3 I can't wait to play other endings,thank you for all the hard work you put into this game!

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The art was cute, but I felt that the characterization could have been a bit stronger for the MC. 


Just finished  Zethe route and it was sooo cute *-*! I found the game pretty relaxing and really well done, I strongly recommend this if you are searching for a short, cute love story with a bit of action(?).. Keep up the good work <3 


I enjoyed this game. It was cute, straightforward, and very relaxing.