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I cannot express how much I like this game

Thank you so much!!!!! <3



Hello and excuse me, omeletteMalisagothcosmos, and ebbybebby. I'll be delighted if you as the developer of this videogame allowed or giving me a permission as I wanted to made a Halloween House Party's fancomic in a traditional comicbook published form. This fancomicbook will be about alternate world. I apologize but in this alternate world I will changed the characters sexes or genders. I'll be delighted again if you allowed me to write and draw Halloween House Party's fancomicbook in an alternate world. Thank you very much, omeletteMalisagothcosmos, and ebbybebby. I'll be glad if this four amazing creators allowed me. Halloween House Party graphic goes well with the story.

Hello! We appreciate your interest in Halloween House Party, and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. 

However, we do not allow the unauthorized reproduction or redistribution of our work (including character likeness) for commercial or non-commercial publication at this time. 

Our team reserves all rights to our intellectual property-- and politely requests no parties publish derivative works wherein the transformation, modification or adaptation of the work is not substantial.

If you have any additional questions or require further clarification, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

You're very welcome amazing developers, omeletteMalisagothcosmos, and ebbybebby I enjoy these creators. The creators listen very well to a customer. Yes, I feel pleasant because I've asked to the creators. The creators are clear and polite. I understood and I'll decline the fancomicbook immediately. I apologize if I upset, omeletteMalisagothcosmos, and ebbybebby as the creators of Halloween House Party. I really admire the teamwork of these developers.

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Re playing it again. It was really good. I like the character designs, the plot, music added, and the art. I remember downloadingthist in mobile before, didn't know there's also a window and mac vers. I like that you can slide the screen in first's choices :3 and to be honest, I didn't expect it would be Yuri. I literally double check lm

Aw, glad you liked it! Thank you for playing! πŸ’–

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What an amazing little gem of a game. My heart is delighted. The art, the music, the writing, it's perfect. Might be a little seasonally inappropriate to find and play right as summer's starting, but there's no wrong time of year to date a colorful array of heartthrobs. I fell in love with all of them, it's so hard to choose a favorite.

LOVED the wicked witch argument reference, by the way. Had to pause to laugh. Props to whoever threw that in.

Thanks for playing, rattieberry! πŸ’•


is it good?




could there be a 32 bit version made? I really looked forward to play it but turns out it's only 64 bit :, )..

Hi! Could you please let us know what OS you're on? By default it should work on 32-bit systems, so we'll have to dig a bit to see why that's not working~

there is a bug where the character overlaps the textbox

the google play version works tho


Theo is my wife now. I stan one adorable butch lesbian vampire.

All right, first of all, the music is pretty damn catchy. Sometimes I have to mute games, but definitely not this one. It fits the game so well.

The wordplay can be genuinely funny, and the jokes land well. The PC is also awfully cute both physically and personality wise, I mean, β€œTHERE IS NOT SECRET! I AM FULL OF SHIT AND LIES!” had me cackling. I love every single character. Bermuda is all I aspire to be in my gay life. Danny is so freaking cute, too. I loved them.

The cocktail-mixing mechanic is really cool, by the way.

I could only get the neutral endings, though. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. This game needs a guide, for my gay heart's sake.

Thank you for your kind words! We have a walkthrough here:

Thank you so much! We're so glad you enjoyed the game, it means a lot to all of us! :)


Nice game :) I enjoy playing it and can feel the halloween theme.

Thank you! <3


this game is SOO Poggers!! Pogchamp! :o


uhh im new here and have 0 clue on how to open and start the game. pls help

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Hi! I made some download & install instructions for you and added them to the page.  I'll post them here as well:

To download and run the game:

1. Download the correct file for your system.  The top option is for Windows and Linux, the bottom option is for OSX.

2. The file will begin downloading onto your device.  Once it is done downloading, open the folder location.  This will usually be your Downloads folder. On Google Chrome, you can select 'Show in Folder' to direct you to the appropriate location.

3.  After locating the folder, you will need to unzip it.  To do so, right-click the folder and select 'Extract All'.  After selecting that option, choose the file destination, then select Next.  The file will begin unzipping.

4.  Once the process is done, navigate to the file destination.  The unzipped folder will be there (you'll notice that the icon is different).

5. Open the folder, then select the executable file to start the game.  Have fun! πŸŽƒ

Let me know if that make sense, or if you have any other questions!


Oh. My. God. I was DYING playing this, it is so good, my little lesbian heart couldn't take it. I love all the characters and their designs were amazing. Shout out to Ashe, my they/them queen! Cant wait to see what comes next in future updates! >u<

Thank you! It means so much to us that you enjoyed our game-- comments like this really make our day! πŸ’–


had myself a little lesbian meltdown while playing this. congratulations on making a game that has officially fried my brain and replaced all of my thoughts with its romance options!


I'm glad you liked it, thank you for playing! πŸ’•

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Hi, I'm one of the writers-- I literally yelled when I read this comment, thank you so much for playing! :')


WHOA that's so sweet to hear!! im a simple woman with simple tastes and y'all hit each and every last one of them!


Hi! I'm the lead writer!! You have no idea how happy you've made me just by commenting!! Thank you for playing our game!! I'm crying in the club 



Sorry we didn't see your comments sooner! But thank you so much for playing our game! We're so happy you enjoyed it! :)

The game keeps getting errors for me and I managed to get the Dead Sea one but I can't remember what the combo was for the Fire and Brimstone, that was just pure luck. What's the third combo drink? 

Thanks for this awesome game!


So I know nothing about alcohol and the monster themed drinks aren't really helping, but is the only drink I can make a red regular solo cup? It seems like that so far

I really like this game and I can't wait for updates!!


I wanted to comment just the see the bat wings on my icon, hehe. :)c


I love how MC is a chubby black women, caught my eye! ;)


I actually loved playing through this game time flew throughout the whole play through all the relationships were super enjoyable. I couldn't decide between danny and theo as best girl I'm not sure if I'm 100% right but I don't think there's a true ending yet with any of the girls, since there might be a sequel? If so I'm definitely looking forward to it my full play through here:  


Wow, thank you! Youtube says the video is still processing but I'm sooo excited to watch once it's up! There actually are romance endings for each of the girls, so counting the neutral ends there are 6 endings in total.

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:o I'm not sure if I got the neutral ends or the romance ends :o Thanks for responding! ^^ If i missed the romance endings please let me know the endings start at around 58:51 if you don't want to watch the full video


Hi! Thanks so much for playing our game! I watched your play-through and the endings you got were the neutral endings. There aren't any bad endings-- just neutral and good! :)

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 Edit: nevermind the good endings might be too tough for me ^^ I replayed to the ending where you have the 3 questions at the end with Danny I tried A LOT if not all of the combinations (might have missed a few) and got the same ending I don't think I'd make it through everything all over again for each one but great game! Hopefully someone will get them.


I believe we might upload a walkthrough in the near future! Thank you again for playing, Fluffey Panda!


I love the party ghosts in the header image!!! πŸŽ‰

Thank you! 😊