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Loved the art style of this, its very cool, the game is super cute and sweet and I totally enjoyed playing it. I included it in Part 3 of my Ren'Py Jam videos, I hope you don't mind! Good luck!


Thank you for the compliments! We should be thanking you instead for the hard work you put in to introduce the Ren'Py jam entries to the world!

No, it was my pleasure to play your game, its very sweet :) Thankyou  for watching it and good luck!


This was a very cute game!!! 

I got Sayaka's ending, which is what I was aiming for.  I love the sporty/friendly type girls XD

A few of the backgrounds were missing sadly.  The background "shrine_entrance" was one of them.  I did like the sprites and the movements on screen.  The coder did a great job with that.  

Overall, well done to the team! 

Thank you so much!! <3

Thank you! I was pretty proud of the animations in a few scenes.
Thanks for noting the missing background error, it has been fixed :)



i got tomoe first but i was told there was more, great game imma rate it 9/10

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately, I am #teamsayaka but I'm sure the others would agree with you.